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maria paola corona

About me


Thanks to her matured experience in the highly regarded publishing field in the gifts and fancy goods collection sector in the hub of firma who are leades in their field, Mariapaola Corona has been able to combine her great pasaion for art with her professional activity, offering as a goal to impart her experience and emotions that an object of art is capable to transmit and to share this with others.

Her innate passion for beauty a d her profound interest for gold artwork, heritage of Italian “know how” which is unequaled worldwide, was the stimulus to approach the facinating world of fine jewelry and to discover it’s secrets. A formative and diligent journey which permitted her to obtain a Diploma in Gemology at the prestigious Geologica Institute of Milan – IGI Milan – which for the last 50 years has been the focul point of reference for the jewelry sector.

Competence, seriousness and attention to innovation which the world of jewelry is able to offer it’s clients are the guiding criteria at the basis of her way of working. A filosophy which is perfected through experience of one who for years has been doing business in this sector of luxury goods and whose knowledge and attention to unique and exclusive objects and the fascination the gift is able to generate to the one who owns it.

Precious metals and certified stones are the protagonists of a long journey through which the highest expression of esclusive collection jewelry, with the contemoorary woman in mind,are able to make an outstanding contribution not only of moments worthy of remembering a s special occaions, but also our extraordinary daily lives.


Creativity, passion and style are the standards that accompanies the realization of Mariapaola Corona, which brings to life, thanks to meetings (and consultatons) with artisans, partners of great experience capable of interpreting the mood of the moment and to better express that unmistakable taste that we can only find in that “Made Italy” piece of jewelry. Among her proposals, particular attention will be dedicated to each unique piece: jewelry capable of elevating it’s own components, creating an unrivalled “one of a kind” piece.

We think that this is the only way that will permit us to demonstrate a “hands on” quality and the craftsmanship of the jewelry that we propose.