Once in a while, instead of the right thing, you should do the thing that makes you happy.


Candolia marble
and late gothic forms

For his city, Gian Galeazzo Visconti chose an impressive project as a new Cathedral which being on the level of other European cities would make Milan the centre of a national monarchy. Marvelleous construction, synthesis between vertical gothic and the traditional Lombard more inclined to horizontalness, the Duomo (Cathedral) is externally decorated with a vast collection of sculptures ranging from the fourteenth to the twentyeth century to which the master masons of different schools and cities dedicated themselves. The statue of the Madonnina soars on it’s highest point, the protector of the city. It is a symbol of pre-eminence to the city of Milan, central to the daily life of one of the most well known metropolises at an international level.

Elegant and valuable in every moment of the day. A light falls down illuminating the face a diamond for a spiral bracelet. A queen, always.


White gold earrings with diamonds - Magic Collection


Mariapaola Corona